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Giving away 100,000 flowers per year to hospitals, hospices, food pantries, senior services, recovery centers and shelters in RI 

Learn About the Farm

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What Cheer Flower Farm is a nonprofit that grows, rescues and gives away 100,000 flowers per year from remediated, former factory land in Providence RI.



Looking to get your hands in the dirt, to create bouquets or to help with other Farm tasks?  We are seeking volunteers aged 14+ who can dedicate a regular time each week or month to helping us. 

Meet the Team


Founded in 2017 by Providence-area flower lovers, the Farm now has a small staff of two full-timers and a few part-timers. 

Our very active Board also pitch in a lot too!

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 Giving Hope

“My client who was just diagnosed with breast cancer began to cry when I handed them to her and told her I couldn’t wait for her to get to our appointment together so I could give them to her. She kept insisting that I give them to someone who needed them more than she did, and I told her she did need them. She thanked me and said that no one has ever given her flowers. I LOVE What Cheer Flowers!!!!”


From St Mary’s Home for Children, Shepard’s Program staff

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Bringing Smiles

“The lady’s face just lit up. It was as if a beacon of light was coming from the top of Federal Hill through the city. The Meals on Wheels clientele understand that they’re dependent on others to bring them the outside world “And to see that someone cares enough about them to go to the effort of cultivating these flowers and bringing [the bouquets] to them, I think it’s amazing.”

From Meals on Wheels volunteer Rebek Duhaime as quoted in

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