Help What Cheer Flower Farm grow and give away 75,000 flowers in 2021 to charity...

...because everyone deserves a bouquet

Flowers Matter 

When you give someone a bouquet, you are telling them, "You are cared for."


The Farm was founded as a 501c3 nonprofit in 2017 to grow, rescue and give away flowers to underserved people in stress, including:


- Patients in hospitals and hospices

- At-risk youth and seniors with dementia

- People in recovery centers and shelters

- Foodbank recipients 

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Flowers bring joy, solace and healing

“My client who was just diagnosed with breast cancer began to cry when I handed them to her. She kept insisting that I give them to someone who needed them more than she did, and I told her she did need them. She thanked me and said that no one has ever given her flowers. I LOVE What Cheer Flowers!!!!”

                                                             - Staffer at St Mary’s Home for Children 

“The lady’s face just lit up. To see that someone cares enough about Meals on Wheels clientele to go to the effort of cultivating these flowers for them, I think it’s amazing.”

                                             - Volunteer at Meals on Wheels of RI 

A flower farm reviving an industrial zone

What Cheer Flower Farm is located on a 2.7 acre former factory site in Providence around the corner from bustling Olneyville Square. 

So far we have remediated 18,000 sf into organic grow fields and built a barn for flower rescues and bouquet-making. 


Now, we are fundraising to remediate more of the land into growing fields.


Our 5-year plan also includes building a training center for locals seeking careers in farming, floristry and fine garden maintenance.

You're invited to:


Volunteer at the Farm

- Get your hands dirty in the fields

- Arrange flowers

- Deliver bouquets to charities

Make Art in the Fields

Individual artists and local arts groups are invited to create in our fields - free. Contact us to set a date.

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