What Cheer Flower Farm is a 501(c)3 nonprofit based in Rhode Island.


Admin office and postal address:

160 Westminster St, Suite 201

Providence RI 02903

Growing fields (not open to the general public, please contact us for an appointment) are at:

46 Atwood Street

Providence RI 02909


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Donate: Spread the Cheer of Flowers to Those in Need

Your generosity will help us grow and give away 30,000 flowers to charity this year. By supporting What Cheer, you are spreading joy:

  • Flowers help people in stressful situations feel happier and less anxious (it's scientifically proven!)

  • By helping to turn a polluted factory site into a flower farm, you are making Providence a better city to live in.

  • You're also supporting developing free job training programs for careers in farming, gardening and floristry.

Note: As a 501c3 charity, donations to the Farm may be tax deductible.