Nonprofit Event Flower Rentals

COVID Note: We are currently suspending our event rentals program - because there are no events. To enquire about future availability, please contact us here. 


During the Farm's flower harvest season - approximately May-October (weather dependent) - we rent flowers to local nonprofits for their events. (See below to enquire.)


Here's how it works:

  1. You must be a 501c3 nonprofit within driving distance of Providence RI.

  2. Sign up below ASAP and we will let you know if we can serve your needs. Rentals are dependent on our capacity, which varies widely though the year.

  3. We will contact you for info and quote you an estimate. Your price will be solely for the rental of the flowers, $30-40/hour including delivery and arranging time. 

  4. Soon after the event, we will pick the flowers up and re-deliver them to one of our local charity distribution partners. All flowers are re-used (you can't give them away to your guests.) 

What Cheer Flower Farm is a 501(c)3 nonprofit based in Rhode Island.


Admin office and postal address:

160 Westminster St, Suite 201

Providence RI 02903

Growing fields (not open to the general public, please contact us for an appointment) are at:

46 Atwood Street

Providence RI 02909


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