Flower Rescue Program

Although What Cheer is primarily a flower farm, growing 45,000 stems per year, we also run a flower rescue program - helping weddings and retailers give their gently-used and unsold flowers to those we serve.


How it works:

  1. Retailers, wholesalers and farmers who have left-over flowers and greens in good condition donate them to What Cheer Flower Farm. Yes, we can pick them up or send field gleaners with some advance warning.

  2. Events and weddings who would like to have their flowers rescued may drop them by the Farm by appointment. (We strongly prefer flowers that are not in 'foam' arrangements because floral foam is non-recyclable waste, and we don't have a dumpster for it.) We can give you a tax-deductible receipt for a gift in-kind.  

  3. Our volunteers process the flowers, cutting stems, stripping leaves and rearranging them into bouquets and buckets. 

  4. We deliver your flowers to local hospitals, hospices, shelters, recovery centers, senior services and other nonprofits serving people who are under stress and really need a bouquet today.

We would like to graciously thank The Floral Reserve and Robin Hollow Farm for donating their time and flowers. We are so lucky to have partners who believe in What Cheer's mission.

Note: Our group rescue events are on hold due to COVID, however we will restart them as soon as possible. In the meantime we still conduct rescues using in-house staff. To enquire about future events or possible rescue activities, please contact us here.