Gifts in Kind & Donating 'Rescue' Flowers

Thanks for thinking of us! You can contact us here regarding possible in-kind and rescued floral donations.

Please note: We do not need vases or flowerpots. Nor due to the dangers of soil-born pathogens, do we accept plants aside from a few, professional, grower-partners. Please do not drop off vases or plants without checking with us first. Thank you.

Gifts in Kind:

Please note: We do not accept vases, flowerpots or non-professional gardening equipment. As a flower farm growing organically, we are seeking:

  • Gift cards to local hardware and farming supply stores

  • Professional farming and floristry equipment in good condition

  • Organic soil supplements such as organic compost

  • Bulk, sterile jam jars to hold posies


Flower rescue/Flowers for re-use:

We do accept gently-used or unsold-but-still-good flowers from events, weddings, florists and retailers if you can drop them off (without floral foam.) Depending on our limited driver capacity and your location, we may be able to pick them up. Either way, please use the form below to contact us and we'll be in touch!


Please note: We do not accept donations of growing plants due to the dangers of soil born pathogens, except from a few commercial growers.  

What Cheer Flower Farm is a 501(c)3 nonprofit based in Rhode Island.


Admin office and postal address:

160 Westminster St, Suite 201

Providence RI 02903

Growing fields (not open to the general public, please contact us for an appointment) are at:

46 Atwood Street

Providence RI 02909


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