Help #ShareCheer in these anxious times

Photo by Betsy Kunz, Thanks Betsy! 

In this time of extra stress, everyone needs more flowers. While we at the Farm figure out how to get flowers safely to people who are most in need, we've launched a community-wide program called #ShareCheer -- and we need your help.

1. Make a bouquet and share a photo of it with the Farm's thousands-strong fan community! 

Using materials you find in your home and outside, create a little homemade bouquet, take a picture (or a drawing or painting) and share it with us here.

2. Buy flowers from local florists and farmers. 

With weddings and events cancelled, our floral industry is in economic trouble. You can help make sure it survives. Many local farmers and florists are offering special deliveries, subscription services and pick-up offers. Send flowers to your friends locally and get some for yourself too. By buying locally, you'll make a big difference.

Thank you!