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Volunteer at the Farm

The Farm would not be possible without generous help from nearly 200 volunteers who generously donate their time at our farm, helping to spread cheer throughout the state of Rhode Island.

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Floral Arrangement/Bouquet Crew

Members of the floral arrangement and bouquet crew work exclusively with our flowers. Volunteer options include flowers processing as well. While floristry experience is desired to help preserve the livelihood of the flowers, we welcome volunteers of all skills levels, after completion of required volunteer training.


Flower Farming Crew

Our flower farming crew works exclusively in the fields or with seedlings. This is labor-intensive work and you have to be able to bend, stand, weather the elements and lift moderately heavy objects.  We like to call flower farming “farm gym” because you are sure to work up a sweat! If you like the outdoors and getting your hands dirty, please sign up to help!

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Delivery Crew

Delivery crew volunteers help deliver flowers to nonprofits for their clients (vehicle & license required) all of the state of Rhode Island. Looking to take a nice drive out to South County, Bristol, or around Providence? This volunteer opportunity is for you!

700! Our ‘shoot for the stars’ tickets goal for the 1st annual Flower Festival was 350. Th

Event Crew

Our Flower Festival is scheduled for August 27, 2022 and we're expected nearly 2,000 attendees. Want to help? Yay!

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Clerical, Administrative, and Fundraising Crew

Volunteers of this crew help with mailings, office paperwork, and other administrative duties needed at the Farm. If you have experience in fundraising, have ideas that could help the farm, or would like to host a fundraiser on behalf of the farm, please let us know!

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